• How hard can it be to organise a wedding? After all, it's just a big party, a really big party. Ok, maybe one of the biggest magnitude you'll ever organise, but hey, help is always here, as long as you ask for it, right? Ideas on how to best spend money can be plenty, but what exactly do you want and need and can comfortably afford are all matters to be taken into account when deciding which of those precious bridal ideas to embrace and which to bin.

    Struggling with a realistic budget and the question of how to manage expenses are all in the wedding basket with goodies with all of them holding the potential for an extra sip of stress, and that, for one of the most heart-touching and rite-of-passage events in your entire life.

    The average cost of a UK wedding, according to Brides magazine, is somewhere about £24 000. You might think that's a pretty wee sum, but we all know how quickly the cost of organising a wedding can creep up by the hundreds. Moreover, what things cost in your area or in the area where you are getting hitched is quite a big factor playing into the total amount to draw from your bank account, or your daddy's bank account.

    One of the first things to do before you map out your budget is to talk with your parents about how involved they want to be in the wedding in terms of costs - some are willing and able to pay for the entire wedding, others offer to pay for the honeymoon or the venue hire etc.

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  • Lilac Gray

    A superstylish chic colour, Lilac Gray has a sweet lilac undertone reminiscent of sweet travels and once ripe love. Highly recommend for a highly formal wedding celebration!


    Although this one lacks the sophistication of Lilac Gray, it has the passion of a thousand lilies! The fiery, yellow-based colour creates a vibrant feast for the eyes, for all those brides who want a tad bit more for their ambiance than tender rose hues.

    Iced Coffee

    Earthy colours bring more comfort and a homey feeling to any attire or décor. As it is quite neutral, it would be best combined with something spicier or even metallic, like gold.

    Green Flash

    As green is often already present in nature at outdoor weddings, it is not really the go-to colour for brides, yet for the urbanesque wedding celebration, Green Flash can offer a pinch of openness, relaxation and serendipity.

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  • Rose Quartz

    Some hue of pink is always to be found in Pantone's seasonal palettes - it is a trademark of not one or two tasteful weddings, and for a good reason! It is the colour of blushing cheeks - the very epitomy of the bridal syndrome!

    Peach Echo

    As oranges can be tricky to handle on a big scale such as the one required for wedding, some hues, like the peachy Peach Echo, can grant friendliness, warmth and accessibility to the overall colour scheme.


    Soft and icy blues still continue to be a trend in 2015 and 2016 - a weightless, airy hue that adds a peaceful, calm touch to the wedding palette. It is a soft pastel with an inherent strength of its. It can be tricky to combine with a stronger colour but give it air to breathe and add just a bit of cocoa or coral red, and you'll bring the entire landscape to life!

    Snorkel Blue

    This one is from the family of navy, yet very light and happy! It looks absolutely gorgeous in striped, dotted or tartanesque designs - a great way to combine white and blue for a wedding and make it surprisingly not-boring.


    This one is a favourite! As we love vintage, we often have bubbles filled with happy, sunny '50s designs floating over our heads. It's true! Just imagine: buttercup tea length dresses with Swarovski crystals dripping from your hair...

    Limpet Shell

    A fresh crisp hue, Limpet Shell is both energising and tranquil, a perfect combination for a spring wedding that wants to embrace the clarity and newness of each and every shoot!

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  • And what is a happy, blushing modern bride without the hashtag of wit? For next spring, designers trace the surging desire for quietitude and reflection, for playfulness and discovery in an urban setting, a cry out for nature in a modern constructed world. Like art and expression flowing out of architecture, like a lush tree growing tall and strong in the midst of a city, like a door between inside and outside - the style of today is very much on the verge of becoming something else, yet remaining in the premises of the traditional.

    The best hue combinations are playful, courageous and deeply soothing - "inspired by the contrast of urban design and lush vegetation, leading to unexpected colour combinations and collections reminiscent of architecture, travel and nostalgia." Role models of the spring colour palette include Matisse, Picasso and Frank Stella. Moreover, it is very much unisex, transcending cultural and gender norms.

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    Let's admit it, colours have the power to bring out emotion and amplify the ambiance in a very palpable way. It might be a pair of brilliant blue or turquoise shoes under the white dress or a blue button on a bridal handbag (a favourite item of Bella Brilla brides), yet this pop of blue can draw looks of enchantment and become a cherished memory! Especially bright colours combined with more mellow hues can act as a catalyst for a truly impressive and memorable bridal look. What does Pantone's Executive Director say about his 2016 trend: "Colours this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves."

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