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    Lilac Gray

    A superstylish chic colour, Lilac Gray has a sweet lilac undertone reminiscent of sweet travels and once ripe love. Highly recommend for a highly formal wedding celebration!


    Although this one lacks the sophistication of Lilac Gray, it has the passion of a thousand lilies! The fiery, yellow-based colour creates a vibrant feast for the eyes, for all those brides who want a tad bit more for their ambiance than tender rose hues.

    Iced Coffee

    Earthy colours bring more comfort and a homey feeling to any attire or décor. As it is quite neutral, it would be best combined with something spicier or even metallic, like gold.

    Green Flash

    As green is often already present in nature at outdoor weddings, it is not really the go-to colour for brides, yet for the urbanesque wedding celebration, Green Flash can offer a pinch of openness, relaxation and serendipity.

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